How we manage the money you give us

How we raise our money

€12,916,066 total income
€10,035,879 charitable activities

charitable activities
Includes a national service level agreement with the HSE (Mental Health), and a local service level agreement with the HSE CHO2 in Galway

€705,423 grants (government and foundations)

grants (government and foundations)
This income comes from specific grants given to support Jigsaw initiatives

€2,174,764 donations income

€886,248 general donations

Income raised from donations from the general public

€674,967 corporate donations
Includes income from corporate supporters and partners

€594,906 pro-bono donations
Includes provision of services and facilities donated to us from our pro-bono supporters

€18,643 other
Includes contribution to rental costs from shared premises

ESB Generations Fund...

ESB's support for Jigsaw’s research helped to create relevant and practical online information and support for young people

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Jigsaw is an organisation that understand how mental health can affect the lives of young people in Ireland.

Dean Murray, Youth Advocate

How we spend our money

€12,507,124 total expenditure €11,983,216 on charitable activities

€10,237,022 delivering Jigsaw services and supports
We provide free, expert information resources and confi-dential support online, and in our Jigsaw services based in communities across Ireland.

€249,382 strengthening communities
We provide training and support to increase mental health literacy and build confidence in supporting and promoting young people’s mental health.

€321,968 influencing change
We research and share the latest knowledge on youth mental health to influence government and policymakers to deliver better mental health support to young people

€1,174,844 support and administrative costs
This mainly relates to the costs of personnel and associated overheads of finance, human resources, facilities and IT. It also includes governance costs

€423,908 associated fundraising costs

When I left, I was able to leave with my head held high and walk out confident, knowing that I had the skills I needed to deal with whatever came up.

Ricky, 24, Ricky’s story